Wednesday, April 19, 2017

April Modeling - Trixie's Bedroom

Here is a render of the current progress of Trixie's room. Giving the room a little more personality by incorporating more detail.

a mouse and keyboard are always pretty important to any computer set up ;)

April Animation WIP - "Class Entrance" part 1 Blocking

Work in progress with this shot. I've been working through this shot, which has been quite a hard one. It began as the shot I loved most in my film, which was the reason I knew I had to redo it and make something even better both in the animation aspect and directing choices for bringing the film to a high level. I will keep you posted on more College Grind.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

COLLEGE GRIND sees first light at CSU Fullerton

This was the first pass at College Grind. At this point while in school, I had in hand a different storyboard to a 5 minute long film, a modeled environment to a school which was only 1 of many sets needed and 1 character modeled out. I also only had 2 months to turn in a film, so  slapped myself a few times and decided to scrap the 5 minute story for a chance to came up with a film that would be realistic for a team of 1 and could meet some kind of quality.

In the mornings when the day would start and students would begin to flood in, I would be waking up from never having left the animation class lab rooms to grinding away on my animation projects and homework. A text from my wonderful friend Nicole would come in asking "I'm passing by Starbucks, want anything?" and my reply was always yes and even if I didn't reply she would come wake up and hand me a hot venti green tea latte and a spinach feta wrap. I could kiss her for being such a great friend, not because she brought me Starbucks or became my class alarm but because during the moment when I had in my hands a film as big as a bomb that was ready to blow up like a 9month pregnant lady, she walked in and put the fire out on the chord. No pressure at all, I sat back and conversed with her, I need to make a new story and flush this one down, not because its bad but because I want to live. 2 months left live the life of a soldier crawling through a puddle of mud under spiked wires and scattered explosive mines through out the ground. Not an idea living situation but it is living at least. I start brainstorming with classmates ideas for my character Trixie, when in to the conversation comes Nicole who comments, "Just make her sleeping since you know all about that". at this point, i let that actually soak in until it suddenly hit me. My eyes opened up in excitement that she was actually right. My great teacher Mike Dietz who I would call my mentor once mentioned in class "Animate what you know best", and that is exactly what I knew I had to do.

I thumbnailed the story and then put it together as an animatic to get a full feel of the film. It was all very rough and quick which put it all together even better.

thumbnails storyboard animatic

2016 College Grind CSUF finished version

shot after shot I hit the road animating like a squirrel hits the road when its diving through your wheels to fill its need of suicidal adrenaline. I would get through shot at a time, key poses, breakdowns, and in-betweens enough to fill in the story. Asset modeling and rigging was the icing on the cake which might have felt like that leg someone puts on top of you while you are crunching out your 50th push up on the way to 100. Then finally the day came, everyone handed in their long worked on films and we all sat back to the spectacular film festival help in 2016's production class with Wendy Grieb. Somehow the night before I managed to put it all together and made After Effects render out this cut and edited thing we call a film. Not going to lie, but it was actually one of the greatest moments in my life, even if the fired burned close enough that i was left with a hole in my pants.